Love Gardening

There is so much to love about gardening. It has actually improved my life. The first thing I love about gardening is that I actually take pleasure in seeing various things grow. Daily there is something new to find. Whether it is a brand-new flower bloom or something I planted emerging from the soil. It makes my day to see new life in my garden.

I also enjoy how I can plant all types of various things. I can plant tomatoes, peppers, onions, corn, lettuce, strawberries, peas and all types of flowers. If my family eats a lot of tomatoes, I can plant more of those.

I understand one of my pals loves salad every night so I bring her lettuce when I can. Another buddy enjoys making jams so I share some of my strawberries with her. Gardening is a very relaxing hobby for me.

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I enjoy learning about brand-new plants and the finest ways to grow them. I enjoy to experiment and see what takes place. If I discover a brand-new type of plant I enjoy to purchase the seeds and see what will happen.

I am not afraid to try anything and I will do my finest to get it. When it is time to collect a plant and it no longer grows then I feel a little unfortunate. In some methods I have actually made pals with my plants and I hate to see them go.

When individuals tell me they can’t garden I tell them they need to try again. Each year is various and what didn’t work for you one year might work the next. You never ever truly know up until you try. I am so pleased that I chose to attempt gardening again after my very first year. I have actually had the ability to grow some amazing things. I have liked every minute of it.

Updated: April 3, 2020 — 5:06 pm