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Backyard Garden Guide To Garden Bridges

your backyard gardenJust because you don’t have huge, elaborate gardens does not mean you cant accentuate what you do have with l garden bridges. Garden bridges could be just what you need to turn those mediocre garden areas into something quite splendid.

Garden bridges can add a touch of country or formal design to a garden. Small garden bridges are easy to find. There are many garden bridges that you can find in garden centers or home improvement centers. One of the best places to find small garden bridges may be online. There are lots of sites that have many ideas for small garden bridges.

Make Your Own Garden Bridge

If you are good with a hammer and nails you may even be able to make your own garden bridge. Plans are available at building stores and at online sites. You will find many choices for garden bridges at these online sites and you can also see photos of many different bridge styles.

your backyard gardenA garden bridge can be a big benefit for your garden space. A small garden bridge will look attractive in a smaller garden and draw attention to a specific area.

You can choose the right small garden bridge if you do a little planning ahead of time. If you have a smaller garden you will want a smaller garden bridge. Look at the space you have and decide where a bridge would fit in. Consider more than one area and then choose your favorite.

There are some lovely gardens that are small in size but large in beauty because garden bridges have been added in just the right places.

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Organic Backyard Gardening for Beginners

your backyard gardenThe demand for organic products has become quite overwhelming in recent years. Wherever you go, many people are choosing to buy organic products over regular ones, whether it’s food, cosmetics, toiletries or cleaning products. The reason is that organic products tend to be much safer. They contain no toxins or artificial chemicals.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, there is no doubt that organic varieties do offer more health benefits. However, many people still prefer to buy the regular types because of the cost factor. With the added processes and regulations that apply to the production or manufacture of organic products, it’s only natural for them to be priced slightly higher than their regular counterparts.

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Starting Your Own Organic Garden

Does this mean you have to pay top dollar in order to enjoy the health benefits of organic produce? Not necessarily. There is another option, and that is to start your own organic garden. By planting your own organic fruits and veggies, you can have yourself some healthy produce without having to spend a lot of money.

Contrary to what many people may think, it’s not very difficult to start an organic garden. It’s basically the same as regular gardening except that you won’t be using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides at all.

If you already have an existing vegetable garden and you want to make it organic, it’s a good idea to make the switch gradually. This will give both you and your plants time to adjust to the change, and will eventually yield far better results.

One of the basic chores that you need to learn when starting an organic garden is composting. You can begin by digging a compost pit in a corner of your yard, where you can dump your vegetable cuttings, fruit rinds, dried tree leaves, and other organic matter that you would ordinarily throw into the trash can. Over time, these bits of garbage will turn into an excellent soil amendment and fertilizer, which you can add to your planting soil to make it richer.

Getting Rid of Pests

your backyard gardenOne of the biggest challenges that you may have to face when starting an organic garden is getting rid of pests. This is particularly difficult if you have become used to spraying pesticides onto your plants, which is what most people do.

In organic gardening, chemical pesticides are not used at all. You will need to find an organic replacement or find another method for taking care of the pests on your plant.

There are many natural pesticides you can use. You may just have to try a few of them before finding the one that works best. These natural pesticides include cayenne pepper, wood ash, lemon juice, diatomaceous earth, and neem oil. In any case, it is best to be vigilant so that you can address pest problems before they get any worse.

In the beginning, growing your own organic fruits and vegetables may take time, effort, and some getting used to. But once you get to reap the rewards of your hard work, all your efforts will definitely have paid off.

A Few Handy Summer Backyard Garden Tips

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your backyard gardenThe summer is a busy time for gardeners – some plants will grow like wildfire and others will be liable to perish under the hot summer sun. With a little TLC and plenty of water there is no reason why every plant shouldn’t flourish and bloom in the summer months – extra water and fertilizer is really the key to having a beautiful backyard summer garden.

Here are a few more backyard garden tips to help you get the most from your garden this summer.

Lawn Care

” It can be a little tempting to over water lawns during the summer months, I know, you wouldn’t think it possible but a lawn only really needs two – three inches of water per week.

” Watering your lawn (and the rest of your garden) early in the morning will reduce the amount of water which is lost because of evaporation.

” You need to treat your lawn every 4 or 6 weeks with some lawn food – the slow release food is the best choice.

” Don’t forget to mow your lawn quite regularly. You should mow the grass every time it has grown around a half an inch to an inch for the best results.

Flower Care

” Flower beds need to have plenty of organic mulch to help them retain as much moisture as possible.

” Give your flower beds plenty of water – the soil should be always moist but never soggy.

” Your flower beds will also need to be fertilized quite regularly through the summer – at least every three or four weeks.

” Dead head flowers to promote more bloom and new growth – pinch back any stems which are becoming leggy.

” You may need to water newly planted flowers more than once per day until they become established and settled in the flower bed.

Tree Care

” Trees also need lots of fertilizer to encourage rapid growth during the summer, especially citrus fruit trees, deciduous fruit trees and desert trees.

” When you water these trees make sure that they have plenty of water to around 3 inches of depth.

” If you want to plant any citrus, fruit or desert trees now is a good time to do it.

your backyard gardenSummer Gardening Pests

The plants may be glad to see the summer but it is also the time when you have to be most vigilant against diseases and insects.

” Keep an eye on your trees and shrubs for foliage which suddenly begins to wilt

” Branches which begin to die at the end (around 6 – 8 inches at the end) may be victims of the female cicada – she may have selected to lay her eggs. If you can see slash marks measuring around ΒΌ” that’s probably the culprit – you can’t do anything to control it but the damage is usually pretty limited.

” Prickly pear cactus is extremely susceptible to cochineal scale – white fluffy globs – blasting them off with water jets is usually sufficient to sort them out.

Summer is the time when most people can really enjoy their garden and following a few of these summer gardening tips will ensure that you have a beautiful garden to enjoy.